The Gospel

The Gospel is about a process of a life change and not just a 'sinner's prayer'. That's why this ministry makes it easier to know what to do to apply the victory Jesus paid for. People need to be encouraged to be the ministers they are able to be. It's just about getting into a routine of developing a real relationship with Jesus.

Engaging with God

We are made to do this: to go into detail about what God is saying in His word and how it relates to our lives. This ministry is to help with this way to get deep in the the truths of God's word. With this it's much easier to be active in your work for the kingdom of God.

A very good way to know God better is to see the things that happened in the Bible come together to form a picture of how we are made and what we are made to do. By knowing this you can have a deep understanding how to really experience God's inner work. And also, to act out being a new creation in Christ. There is a real peace and rest that can be found when the right program to know the Lord is followed.

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