Evangelism Ministry

There is a truth that when we move with what we know and what we can do God makes His word alive and real. What better for this to happen by getting involved in evangelism. It will set the day to focus on being a minister that the world desperately needs.

The Supernatural Ministry

Praying for people for physical healing is not an end in itself but is a way to get people’s attention on God. Stepping out in one's authority is a great way to bring healing to oneself as well as to have a more complete conviction that Jesus is real and wants to help.

Ideally, God needs time with people to really get to know about the good news and how it can be applied practically to life.

Every Christian is a wonderful minister that the world needs to see. With evangelism training your church can experience a powerful change.


Writing Project website:

A book is in the final stages about stories of the Bible and getting the church active in ministry. It can be told about now as John McCarthy is available to spend time with your church congregation or for visits.