Language Program

English is much easier to learn with practice. That's what you can have on the phone or skype. An experienced native teacher for over 10 years can talk to you in your own home without having to travel. Whatever questions you have you can ask. There can be a short grammar focus, vocabulary building, but above all plenty of practice. It really is true that practice makes perfect especially when corrected. If you need to have explanations for errors just ask! You can have instant corrections to your personal email and on the skype template. Spanish Speaker.

There are different topics of conversation you can have at different levels:


Free Time
Daily tasks
Likes and Dislikes
Asking questions
Talking about a daily routine
Basic vocabulary General and for work
Family and friends

Opinions and Discussing Activities (General or for Work purposes)
Many varied areas of Conversation:
General life objectives
Working life
Places to live
Life choices and events

Formal conversations
Business English specific to your needs
Problem solving
Dealing with customers
Explaining tasks and opinions

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